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Email Automation for Skin Clinics and Beauty Salons

Email marketing is one of the many ways to grow your business, increase sales and build strong relationships with current and potential customers. 

NEW Hydrojelly™ LED See through Mask

Professional Skincare trends & predictions for 2020

Skin Clinic Feature - Mona of Simply Luminous Skin, Concord NSW

Easy ways to amplify your Christmas trade

3 Reasons why we love the Esthemax Coconut Jellymask

Esthemax Powder Masks Comparison

Benefit your bottom line with Esthemax

How to apply Esthemax Jelly mask Video

This is the step-by-step process for our popular Esthemax jelly masks.

Custom Mask Bars for the Professionals

You've seen the expansive retail mask bars in Sephora, Mecca & K Beauty stores, so it is fair to say, consumers want & buy masks. As skin professionals we know the difference they make in a Facial & when consistently applied in a home regime. 

Combination masking with Esthemax Hydrojelly & Thermal Masks

A Esthemax Hydrojelly X Thermal mask combination is for when you want to WOW your client with a Signature or Advanced Facial treatment. 

Expect perfectly dewy skin post reveal. 

Press Release: Esthemax Australia

With over 30 years in the professional beauty industry, Esthemax have worked hard to be distinguished for high-quality, innovative, and trend-setting products that will compliment any skincare brand by bringing more value to your clients and more profitability to your facial services. 

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