Getting Started with Esthemax

Esthemax is a Professional Brand exclusive to established Skin Clinics, Day Spas & Beauty Salons, that provide existing facial treatments.

For access to pricing and ordering you must first be verified by completing your registration here https://esthemax.com.au/account/register 
If you'd like an information pack, please email our team at hello@esthemax.com.au so that we can provide you with an overview of the range, pricing is only available once your wholesale account has been approved.

Your establishment must be registered to an active ABN and you must be providing skin treatments with a professional skincare range.
The Esthemax Masks are not a standalone treatment e.g. an add-on to a non-facial service. The Esthemax Masks must be incorporated into a full facial protocol to create a professional treatment, otherwise it is no different than applying the mask at home with an At-Home Esthemax Hydrojelly Kit.

The fastest way to get your account verified is by completing all fields in the form and attaching the supporting documents.
Please ensure your email is the correct spelling and your ABN is correct & is connected to your business name.

You will receive two (2) emails;

The first email includes a welcome email with some helpful documents.The second email contains an activation link for your website login.

You will be able to gain full access the website to then browse products, read-up and download helpful manuals, techsheets, market material and more.

No, unlike most professional brands there is no opening order required, just a $150 minimum for each order + shipping.
There is no pressure to meet ordering targets, or to reorder regularly, so you are not 'locked in' but we are confident that you and your clients will love our range. If your account is inactive for 12 months, it will automatically close and you can then choose to re-apply in future.

Esthemax Professional is sent directly to us from the U.S. so we cannot decant or break down product due to contamination risks.

Please know that once your wholesale application has been processed and approved, the order requirement is just $150.00 for each order and no pressure to repurchase or frequently purchase. If your account is inactive for 12 months, it will be removed.

If you would like to try a product, we recommend purchasing an At-Home Hydrojelly Kit from one of our stockists or booking in for a facial through one of our Esthemax Partners (Skin PRO Finder).

The Esthemax Masks are fairly simple and easy to use, and would just replace the mask component in your existing protocol so there is no need for lengthy training sessions.

Once your account is approved, you will have access to the training manuals which run through each of the masks and there is also a free online course that you can complete. Here is a helpful YouTube Video showing an application method (please note to use the ratios listed on the product itself, there are different types of masks that need different ratios).

All orders are processed online through your approved login. Just add what you need to your cart and check-out like any online store.

You are either not logged into your approved account or alternatively you have not been verified & approved.

If your account is inactive for greater than 12 months you will lose access to reordering and will need to reapply.


Hydrojelly™ Mask
22 types. 10 applications.
3rd generation peel-off mask. Contains new electrolyte technology, the most refined alginate and no clay.
3/3 Hydration.

Jelly Rubber Mask
11 types. 20 applications.
2nd generation peel-off mask. Made mainly with refined alginate.
2/3 Hydration

Algae Rubber Mask
5 types. 20 applications.
1st generation peel-off mask.
Made mainly with clay.
Hydration 1/3

Esthemax is a U.S. brand, with their HQ in Torrance California, USA.

The Esthemax Hydrojelly™ Masks are made in the U.S. and some other products are manufactured in Korea (the home of K Beauty).

We import directly from the U.S. and distribute to our Partners across Australia.


Once you have placed your order, we will send you a confirmation email to track the status of your order.

Once your order is shipped we will send you another email to confirm you the expected delivery date as well as the link to track your order (when the delivery method allows it).

Additionally, you can track the status of your order from your "order history" section on your account page on the website.

We can only change orders that have not been processed for shipping yet.

Once your order is under the status "preparing for shipping", "shipping" or "delivered", then we cannot accept any edits to your order.

To make changes to your order, please reach out to our warehouse & logistics manager Brad at Brad@esthemax.com.au

We currently ship to Australia.
Our New Zealand neighbours, for Esthemax orders please get in touch with Olivia from www.beautycare.co.nz

For shipping outside of these countries, please reach out to the US Global office at info@esthemax.com

Click here for the global directory.

Once you've placed your order, it usually takes 24 to 48 hours to process it for delivery.

Standard shipping times and Premium shipping times for all domestic orders covered by our delivery partners are presented below.
You can find them when choosing for a delivery method before confirming your order:

Aramex Standard: Metro 2-3 days, Regional 5-9 daysStarTrack Premium: Metro Next Business Day, Regional 1-2 days. You MUST place your order before 10AM AEST.