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The Esthemax® Hydrojelly® Mask

The Esthemax® Hydrojelly® Mask is the 3rd generation of alginate-based, peel-off masks in the Esthemax® Professional range. Alginate-based, peel-off 'rubber' masks have been used in the professional beauty industry forever, but it was Esthemax® Professional that innovated several times to create the cult status, Hydrojelly® Mask. This was achieved by taking some ingredients out and replacing them with an electrolyte matrix of ingredients. 

Electrolytes help the skin to achieve a natural moisture balance that is essential to keep your skin healthy and working optimally. Did you know that the skin cannot absorb or retain moisture with an imbalance of electrolytes? Esthemax® corrects this imbalance by addressing hydration levels & pH balance with the Hydrojelly® Mask.

Hydrojelly® Mask Base Formula