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Latest updates on Esthemax Stock, Back Orders & New Arrivals.

Raw Ingredient Shortage — Esthemax USA distribution of Antioxidant Goji, Brightening Complex, Discolouration Alpha ArbutinEgyptian Rose, Hyaluronic Acid & Intensive Aftercare Hydrojelly Masks (professional & retail) are very limited due to a raw ingredient shortage. These skus will not be replenished until Feb-March 2022 below is a table of alternative masks with very similar skin goals & ingredient profiles. 

We understand that this a is great inconvenience to all of our stockists across Australia, we anticipate a more consistent supply of stock from February - March 2022 onwards. We thank you for your kindness, patience and your support.

We'd love to help in any way we can, please contact us if you need guidance. 

U/A Hydrojelly Mask

Alternative Hydrojelly Mask


Egyptian Rose Beta Carotene FloralSkin Warrior AgelessRenewal BoostVampire PLLA & Youthful Elixir (limited edition)

Beta Carotene: Both calming with high antioxidant properties and fall under the anti ageing skin concern. Also both have floral extracts that make it engaging in photos.

Hyaluronic Acid LED Light See-Through

Exact same concentration of HA, with the addition of Organic Green Tea extract for increased anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Doesn’t contain fragrance or colouring so can also be used post microneedling.

Antioxidant Goji Pure Himalayan White Tea, Phyto Nutrients Boost,
Renewal Boost & Super Greens Strength 

Pure Himalayan White TeaBoth have high antioxidant properties and most similar in colouring.

Brightening Complex Alpha Arbutin & Youthful Elixir (limited edition)

Alpha Arbutin: ETA 24/1/22

Intensive Aftercare Beta Carotene Floral, CICA Complexion Care, LED Light See-Through, Phyto Nutrient Blast, Super Greens Strength & Radiance Biotin


General Esthemax Professional & Retail Restock ETA: February-March 2022.

Discontinuation Notice: The following Esthemax Professional products will no longer be available on once sold out;

  • 24K Gold Leaf Patches (sold out)
  • Gold Therapy Cream (sold out)
  • 24K Gold Flex Treatment Serum
  • S-Curve Treatment Serum
  • DermaPLLA (Poly-L-Lactic) Protocol Set
    Other ranges:
  • White Lotus (entire range)
  • Darcase Luxury Tools (entire range)

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