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QLD - Bayside Cosmetic Medicine Clinic

QLD - Bayside Cosmetic Medicine Clinic

Bayside Cosmetic Medicine Clinic


Bayside Cosmetic Medicine Clinic is an incredible clinic specialising in Skin cancer treatment, cosmetic injectables and dermal therapy. 

Services: skin, injections, cancer treatment, nails

Catch up with Bayside Cosmetic Medicine Clinic to see how the magic is created..


 Where did your journey in the beauty industry begin?

Dr Mia started as a General Practitioner with a special interest in skin health, she worked as a GP and also as a skin Doctor before owning her very own skin clinic bayside Cosmetic Medicine Clinic and now she's also the proud owner of BCMC Skin in Bulimba. 


What makes your Clinic so successful?

Without doubt the 3 things that make us so successful is firstly our very educated, professional and caring team along with the amazing Skin Care Products we stock and the best of the best treatments. 


Which Esthemax product could you not live without?

Hydrojelly Masks. 


If there was some advice you could give an up and coming therapist, what would you tell them?

Never stop learning and advancing your skills.


How did your business change after you introduced Esthemax?

Our clients absolutely love the feel and results from the hydrojelly masks.


What are your goals for this year?

Our goal never changes, we always strive to make our clients happy and confident in their own skin. 


Find Bayside Cosmetic Medicine Clinic.

Victoria Point, Queensland, 4165

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